VA Mortgage rates stayed flat to slightly higher on October 4, another day with conditions that remain more or less unchanged thanks in part to the government shutdown. The crisis in Washington has delayed important, market-moving reports such as the Employment Situation Report and the release of these can't be rescheduled until the government goes back to work.

So without significant economic data, the markets seem unable or unwilling based on current trends to move outside a specific range. Call it defensive posturing, or a simple need for more data in order to react accordingly--whatever it is, the end result is that VA mortgage loan rates are still in a range with the low end at 4.0%.

Compared to weeks past, 4.0% best execution is a very good place to be. On days like today when rates are reported higher among some financial institutions, borrowers may notice the difference in higher closing costs rather than actual increased mortgage rates. But overall, best execution rates are unchanged and VA borrowers are not likely to see a change in the current safe zone unless there is significant movement in rates due to breaking news.

Now is a very good time to consider a mortgage interest rate lock--but this flat market performance will NOT last forever. Once the government gets back to work and reschedules the release of the data it is currently sitting on (including the Employment Situation Report), rates could move suddenly and sharply depending on the contents of those reports. Don't take the current range of VA mortgage rates for granted---we could see higher rates soon if the economic reports that come out post-shutdown are not favorable to the rates.

Here are the mortgage loan rates for October 4 2013. The numbers you see here are reported as best-execution rates. They are not available to all borrowers or from all lenders. Your access to these rates depends on your FICO scores and debt repayment history.

30­year fixed rate conventional mortgages
VA and FHA mortgages: Between 4.0% and 4.25% depending on the lender
15­year fixed rate: Between 3.375­3.5% depending on the lender
5­year adjustable rate mortgages: Between 3.0% and 3.50% depending on the lender

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