VA mortgage rates survived Friday without being pressured higher. They remain in what could be a new comfort zone, however short-lived. We’ll see how this potential plays out over Saturday and Sunday.

Mortgage loan rates in general took a small downward turn today, with some financial institutions offering rates as low as 3.75% at the low end of the VA mortgage loan range, and 4.0% at the high end, best execution. There is more variation among lenders for VA mortgages than for their 30-year fixed rate counterparts. You may find that any positive effects on Friday’s numbers are reflected in closing costs rather than actual VA mortgage rates.

Going into next week, some market watchers believe the downward trend or at least a holding pattern in the current rates may be possible is stocks don’t rally in the meantime, or investors stop running to the security of the markets that directly affect mortgage rates. Investor reaction to stock market news and data could help keep rates as low as they are now.

Best advice--if you have a mortgage loan rate you feel comfortable committing to now, it may be best to get that rate locked in rather than floating into the weekend.

That said, some believe now may one of the best times to float---rates are at lows we haven’t seen in some time, and a spectacular panic in the stock market that sends investors flocking toward the markets that affect mortgage loan rates may help keep rates for VA mortgages ni the high three percent range for now.

Here are the mortgage loan rates for Friday April 11. These rates are reported here as best execution numbers. They may not be available from all lenders or to all borrowers. Your experience may vary based on FICO scores, loan repayment history and other financial qualifications.

30-year Fixed Rate Mortgages: Between 4.25% to 4.375% depending on the lender
FHA Mortgage Rates: Between 3.75% and 4.0%
VA Mortgage Rates: Between 3.75% and 4.0%
15-year Fixed Rate Mortgages: 3.375%
Five-year Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Between 3.0% and 3.50% depending on the lender

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